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Installation of equipment for cutting heat exchangers made of brass.

Heat exchangers made of brass, Ø 1950 mm.

Lenght 11 meter, weight approx. 25 ton.

Cutting heat exchangers.

Cutting heat exchangers.

View of kerf.

View of kerf, approx. 3400 pipes Ø 22 mm.

Cutting roller Ø 670 mm, thickness 90 mm.

Close up of cut.

Diamond beads for wire sawing.

Different kinds of wire.

Part of Kaplan-vane stainless cast iron.

Wiresaw mounted for cutting 5 pieces of Kaplan-"wings"

Approx. 300 x 150 mm were cut to increase output in the turbine.

Wire in action!

Approval of the cuts.

Saw cut completed.

Saw cut.

Saw cut.

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